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"Nature in itself is perfect and pure.  It can not be improved upon, only imitated."
Hello and welcome to my world of art!

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Samuel Thorpe's Studio


August Morning Sun




I have been an artist for over forty years and am just recently beginning to share my original work on a much wider scale with you.  I work with Oil Paint, Pastels, Pencil and Colored Pencil on paper, canvas and wood.  I also paint on wooden eggs and handcraft and paint walking sticks.  The majority of my works are landscapes and still life renderings.  I work on commission but have a wide variety of finished work available.

Photo galleries of my works are being prepared and will be displayed on this web site in the near future.  Check back often to see the latest pieces and projects.

Your interest and feedback are important to me.  I will be excited in hearing from you.

Greeting card originals and prints of all pieces are also available upon request.





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